Saturday, May 31, 2014

Modern Paintings - Eight Different Styles

When one thinks of modern art and modern paintings specifically, there are numerous styles that come to mind. Modernism is not limited to one strict style. Early modern art focuses on realism and impressionism, while abstract and pop art came later. Here are some of the styles in which make up modern art;

Impressionists focused on lighting, providing accurate depictions. Small brush strokes were typically seen. This still generally focused on real life depictions; painting from various angles. One of the most influential impressionist painters was Monet.

Post Impressionism
Impressionists influenced artists to begin blurring and distorting. Real-life scenes were blurred through the transformation of color and form. Van Gogh is a noted artist within this period. He focused more on fluid distortion (as seen in Starry Night) vs geometric distortion. Although scenes were real-life depictions, colors were not very accurate in terms of realism.

Abstract Art 
Abstract art began to move away from the physical world, displaying; color, form and lines. There were various movements within abstract art. Cubism for example, which focused on shapes. Picasso painted a picture depicting nature through three shapes; cones, spheres and cubes. Abstract art is currently extremely popular. Pieces depict emotion, form and bold color choices.

Surrealism added an element of surprise, portraying dream-like pictures. Objects in the real world would be combined through unconventional ways. This provided strange, thought provoking paintings. Salvador Dali is a great example. His paintings depict real-life objects, but skew them in such a way that they are no longer in realistic forms.

Conceptual Art
Artists within this style focused more on the perception of the piece than the art itself. Artists, such as Yoko Ono; were more concerned with how the audience would perceive the content. There were some highly interesting pieces created within this movement.

Pop Art
Pop art is so popular for a reason. This movement focused on everyday items, celebrities and comics. They are bright, vibrant and fun; influenced by culture. Andy Warhol is well known within this movement.

This movement is exactly as it sounds; realistic paintings were created from a photograph. Technical painting skills were key throughout this movement. In order to recreate a photograph, artists needed to be skilled technically and have an understanding of realism.

This movement focused on simplicity. The artists decided what was necessary in their depiction, and then that was all that was painted. Simplicity can be beautiful. As you can see, modern paintings widely vary. Look into which style you want, your options are vast

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modern Paintings: The Start of Something New

Modern art made a large impact on both artists and society. Prior to the evolution of modern paintings, artworks generally resembled real-life depictions and contained more traditional forms. A classic example of this transformation was made through the birth of abstract art. Distortion was the main trend that was seen throughout modern art. With that being said, realism was and still is being created today. There is no doubt that modern art has made a huge impact on how we view art today; it continues to influence and trend throughout society and modern design.

Modern paintings are so popular because they are vibrant and thought provoking. Some like that these pieces can start a conversation, others like the emotion that they portray. Whatever the reason, there are many options to modern art. With so many variations; there are paintings for everyone and every style. Pay attention to what room it is you're decorating. Focus on a specific style, what would it bring to the overall look of your room? It doesn't hurt to look into the different movements, so that you have a better understanding of what you're looking for.

Due to modern design and neutral color use, rooms benefit from incorporating modern paintings. Since modern art began moving away from tradition, there was a vast amount of experimentation happening. This experimentation began a movement that is still going strong today. There are also many movements within modern art; abstract and pop art for example. Just as there are many movements, there are many different styles. Conceptual art differs greatly in comparison to photorealism.

Abstract art has become extremely popular, adding emotion and color to a space. There are options within abstract art as well. Abstract expressionism for example; will portray strong emotion, with intense feeling. Cubism is another example, utilizing geometric shapes (some more abstract than others). The main popularity of abstract art is the intense emotion and color it displays in a room.

There are numerous styles and areas within modern art. Decide what it is that your space needs, focus on colors, lines and shapes. Paintings can be a simple pleasure or even an investment. If you are not familiar with modern art but enjoy what it offers, there are knowledgeable people to help you. A great place to find modern paintings is at Artemaximus. They provide a wide variety of pieces and styles.

Whether you are looking for a bright red and gold abstract painting or a comic inspired painting; modern art has something to offer you and your home.