Thursday, July 17, 2014

Art Decorating Choices for your Home

Many of us spend a substantial amount of time within our living rooms. This area is generally meant to relax, entertain or spend quality time. Before you are able to properly choose a painting to fit your living room; you need to have an idea of what look you're trying to portray. Modern living room furniture is simple; displaying straight edges and straight lines. Since modern living spaces tend to be quite neutral in color; an abstract painting can be the perfect addition.

Within ones living room, color scheme is crucial to the design. Since neutral colors are the preferred choice, bright color variation should be left to a minimum. The maximum recommended vibrant color scheme is around three (maximum) colors, although there are clearly exceptions. Once you decide which colors will accompany your black and white furniture; choose paintings and pieces that compliment the modern design and each other.

The size and color of a painting are the main factors. If a painting is too large it can become overpowering, while a small painting may get lost. Larger wall art tends to be best, especially over the sofa. Just remember that the bigger and brighter the piece, the more room it needs to 'breathe'. Let the painting shine, do not crowd it with other pieces in which do not fit.

If you do have cohesive pieces surrounding a painting, make sure your a focal piece sticks out. Get funky with it; perhaps hang the focal piece on an angle. It will draw your eye to the selected piece.

In the living room, it is a great idea to create an 'accent wall'. This wall may be painted one of your color choices, or it may display a collection of smaller abstract art. Just make sure that there is cohesion; not only across the abstract pieces, but throughout the room. By carefully choosing your abstract painting(s), the selected pieces will make colors throughout the room 'pop'.

Modern living rooms are perfect for abstract canvas art. This is not only because of the neutral color scheme throughout the design, but due to the walls as well. When you have a wall that is white or off-white, it will allow for your paintings to really stand out, as they're intended to do. It is also ideal to have a good amount of light coming into the room. Vivid, bright pictures, will have a much higher impact if they're properly exposed.
Painting on Wall

Painting on Wall