Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Modern Sculptures in the Home - Great Decorating Ideas

The artwork that you choose to display can really set the overall tone of your home. Choosing the right artwork for your space is just as important as choosing the right furniture. Modern homes are full of thought-provoking art that stimulates the senses. Hanging abstract paintings and other wall art is one way to incorporate modern home decor in your space. Another idea is displaying modern sculptures, as they can be a unique and interesting addition to your modern home.

Modern sculptures are very popular today. You can see this if you visit a major metropolitan area. Many large cities feature larger than life modern sculptures in their cultural centers, and these works of art have become major tourist attractions. For example, Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor, nicknamed The Bean, in Chicago is a huge tourist attraction in the city’s downtown area. Modern sculpture is also proudly displayed in museums around the world. And though this may lead you to believe you have to visit a large city or museum to enjoy this artwork, many people proudly display modern sculpture in their own home.

Modern Home Decor

The first thing to consider when choosing a modern sculpture as part of your home decor is to be realistic about the size of your space. Modern sculptures for the home can be the size of a sofa, or they can be small accent pieces placed on a side table. How much room do you want to devote to this sculpture? Do you want it to be the centerpiece of the area? Or do you simply want it to accent the other furniture in the room? Once you know the size of the area you can devote to displaying your modern sculpture, you can choose how you want to display it.

Another consideration for choosing sculptures in the home is how you want your room to feel. A large modern sculpture in an open loft space would create the feel of an art gallery. Conversely, a smaller sculpture would fit well featured on the coffee table in a living room with modern design and leave the room feeling more laid-back.

There are many ways to display a modern sculpture as part of your home decor. You can place them on mantles, bookshelves or end tables, or in the case of a larger sculpture, you can have a display case or platform built just for the sculpture, making it a prominent talking point in your home. A good idea for homes without a lot of space for a display area is utilizing the walls of the room. For smaller sculptures, you could create a lighted alcove in your wall, or hang shelves much as you would a painting and set the sculpture there.
The great thing about modern sculptures is that they can be of almost anything. You get to choose a piece of artwork that truly speaks to you. Modern sculptures stand out amidst the muted tone of minimalist, modern furniture and so can be a great addition to your contemporary home.