Thursday, July 17, 2014

Using Art in the Bedroom

Our bedroom is a place to enjoy ourselves. It is an extension of who we are. Our bedrooms generally have a more personal feel, while sticking to the design incorporated throughout the rest of the home. Modern bedrooms tend to have fewer pieces of furniture; displaying a clean, non-cluttered look. It is due to this simplistic design that is why contemporary art is such a great choice.

Once you bought your bedroom pieces from a furniture manufacturer, choose your paintings by looking around your room. What colors and shapes do you want to accentuate? You also need to consider size and quantity; how big do you want your abstract pieces and how many pieces do you want to hang? Once you have decided these features, concentrate on what it is you want your art to do. We all know a painting cannot do your vacuuming or cook your dinner, but it can most certainly set a mood. This is more crucial than one may think; you need to feel comfortable in your home. 

Think about what you do in your bedroom; do you want it to be a place where you feel calm? Perhaps energized? Paintings can really affect the vibe in which your room provides. No matter what you choose, make sure that your room is balanced. You want harmony throughout the design; this includes your painting choices. This is why a contemporary painting is such a great option. You can find all types of mood enhancing, calming or lively options. 

Beach Painting on Wall

Take your time while choosing, there is no rush. Do not pick a painting simply because you think it goes well with your bed. You need to enjoy it. After all, that is why art is created.
Don't be afraid to place paintings where you will be able to enjoy them the most. If you spend most of your time facing a specific wall, than place your favorite piece of abstract art there. Some have even been known to place their favorites on their bedroom ceiling. I can see why a picture that brings you a sense of calming would be beneficial to view as you try to sleep.

No matter what abstract painting you choose; make sure it adds enjoyment to your room. You also want a piece that is going to make an impact; whether it be through the color or intensity. Adding splashes of color through an abstract painting, can add a lot to your modern bedroom. Look into contemporary art; you'll be happy you did.

Painting on Wall over bed