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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Influences of Modern Home Decor

Very few things within art and design appear out of nowhere; they tend to be influenced by something else. Modern home decor is no exception to this. Influences from one era to the next, allow for incredible results. When one thinks of modern, they tend to think of present time. Modern furniture has actually been around for a hundred years. When modern design began to emerge, it was viewed as experimental and innovative. These characteristics still hold up today.

Modern design was influenced not only by eras, but the artists within this time-frame, as well. Before modernism took off, furniture and decor were more ornamental. The value of a chair, for example would be based off the intricate detailing and time invested. Modern design began moving away from this idea. Artists and designers began focusing more on functionality. Instead of trying to recreate past items, new ideas were presented. New materials were being produced; it was time for a whole new level of creativity. For example, the use of wood was being replaced with steel, plastic and molded plywood.

It is hard to speak about modern home decor or design for that fact and not mention Bauhaus. As can be read in an online business blog or many journals, this was a school in Germany (operating from 1919-1933), that had a large impact on design. The school closed due to Nazi Germany; the artists and designers began to influence as they immigrated around the world. Ideals from this school are still influencing modern design today.

Since furniture began to transform (new materials, forms and shapes), the layout of rooms changed, as well. Furniture began taking on a more accessible and functional role. It was then that some pieces began taking on more than one role.

Modern Interior

Modern Interior Decor

Art also began to take a shift; seen in abstract and pop art. Art generally has a lot to do with the culture and time period. Pop art is a prime example of cultural influences. Andy Warhol was a leader in this style of art. He displayed everyday items in a vibrant, fun manner. Abstract is clearly visually captivating; it can add a lot to a space, although, it was not created solely for that purpose. Abstract art was created, so that society would stop and think about what they were seeing. It was actually more of a rejection towards culture. The art would appeal to individuals in different ways.

It's hard to generalize, because individual artists have their own influences. With that being said, modernism was most certainly influenced by the industrial revolution, engineering (in order to create furniture) and the growth of consumerism. From there, it has developed into a clean, sleek, modern design. Modern home decor has grown, becoming highly popular and influential.